Themed Party Entertainment

Entertainers for Events 

Need a mermaid or King Trident character for your beach party laua? No problem. We love creating over the top custom characters. If you have a particular party theme we'd love to work with you to offer your guests something amazing. 

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Hollywood Themed Party

How would you like a black and white apparition of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers to grace your dance floor as and strolling chandelier Champagne dress serves your guests refreshments? An interactive golden Oscar human statue could be one of your best photo ops yet! Add a touch of classic movie magic pizzaz to your next Hollywood themed party. 

Masquerade Party -Venetain Carnival and Mardi Gras Entertainment

Beautifully masked characters that usher guests from one location to the next are a great way to get guests excited about the festivities to come. Baroque Marie Antoinette harpist, Commedia Dell'arte jesters, and masked stilt walkers are customized to fit the theme of your particular masquerade theme.

Victorian Steampunk night circus

We have an array of curiosities and captivating night circus acts. Organizing an event worthy of Sherlock Holmes? Our bubble blowing steampunk stilt walkers, circus mimes, and human marionettes are exciting walk about characters that always draw a crowd and will transport you to an imaginative victorian England with unique cirque style entertainment.  

Tea Party Entertainment

If you are looking to offer your guests an Alice in Wonderland type experience, you can hire the queen of hearts, the Mad Hatter, or Alice herself as a strolling table to serve tea and cake. Our marching cards can engage in silly antics and try to paint the blooms of our enchanted garden party characters.

Enchanted Garden Party

Easily and extension of the Alice in Wonderland theme party or something uniquely its own, the enchanted garden party will certainly surprise and delight. Your scenery could come alive around your guests for a truley enchanted evening. We have amazing human vine stilt walkers, hilarious singing bushes and human topiaries. If your garden party is french theme, incorporating mimes and french garden statues from the Louvre (some of which are functioning fountains), would be a fun way to enchant your guests and give them an unforgettable experience.

Era Entertainment

Strolling themed entertainment could be just the thing your throw back party needs. We have several options for era entertainment including 1920s, 1930s, 1940s, 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, 2000. We'd love to put together a proposal for you! 

Roaring 1920s Party Think of a human statue of a mob boss in a zoot suit and machine gun coupled with a flapper strolling table dress serving horderves. 

1950s Party entertained with statues of famous celebrities like Elvis and Marilyn Monroe could be what your 50s era shindig needs. 

Holiday Entertainment

We have a lot of the major holidays covered including  Fourth of July parties, Valentine parties, and Christmas Parties. For entertainment through the holidays we offer beautiful stilt walking garland that are breath taking attractions when used in decorated malls and hotel lobbies. Other walk around characters include Toy Soldiers to guard an entrance to your event, living statue carolers who come alive and sing, along with a human snow man, Father Christmas, the Snow Queen, and Jack Frost. Fourth of July entertainment wouldn't be complete without the Lady Liberty human statue complete with light up torch, roller skating Uncle Sam and their stilt walking counterparts. Valentines Day entertainment works great for anniversaries too. We offer a cupid statue with life sized wings complete with bow and arrow as well as a angel playing the harp. Have a fun idea we haven't thought of yet? Contact us we would love to help provide unique and entertaining talent for your next corporate event, private party, or trade show!

World and cultural entertainment

Greek Statues that are human, German beer maiden and German Man living statues, American Cowboy human statue, Queen of England, Irish Haprists, Japanese sword fighters and fan dancers, miming French entertainment. Have a country in mind? We'll create a world and cultural entertainment act customized to your festival.