Professional Stilt Walkers For Hire

Is coming up with ideas for creative walk around entertainment a stretch for you? Our stilt walkers stand out head and shoulders above the rest as they integrate technology and creative design to bring you truly innovative characters. Los Angeles, New York, Las Vegas, Orlando - don't worry, our professional stilts are made to fit in our luggage when we to fly to corporate entertainment gigs.


Bubble Blowing Steampunk Stilts

Of all the stilt walking jobs, I bet you didn't know blowing bubbles was one of them. Called the pied piper of bubble blowers, our long legged steampunk character always has a steady stream of kids in tow popping the bubbles that spew from his jet pack and bubble guns.

living-vine-for hire.jpg

Human Vine Stilt WAlkers

Beautiful living human vines that pose cascading off a nearby eve or trellis then magically come alive and move among guests are an novel way to celebrate. Great for outdoor wedding receptions, garden tea parties, Alice in wonderland themed events, beer gardens, home and garden show exhibits, and anything event with a natural theme wanting a unique diversion to entertain guests or draw customers. Multiple vines available with the ability to customize the blooms on the foliage to match your events fauna and flora. 

hire human vine.jpg

Mariachi Stilt WAlker

Planning a Mexican Fiesta? you won't want to miss this professional stilt walker complete with sombrero and mariachi stilt pants. You'd think he had a hollow leg with all the churros he can eat.

Mexican entertainment.JPG