Caricaturist for Weddings and Events

Looking for a cartoon artist to hire to create wedding caricatures and funny portraits? 


caricature maker and silhouette artist

A great hit at every party, cartoon artists lighten the mood with tasteful visual humor. Caricatures at weddings are fun, because there is plenty of time to get your portrait drawn through the reception and while waiting for the wedding photos to be taken. They are also a fun way to lighten up cocktail hour and can draw guests into the theme of your party. 

Silhouette artists differ from caricature makers in that they capture only the profile of the face. Caricature drawers on the other hand seek to exaggerate the features of a face not just capture them much like a cartoonist would. Black and white funny pictures take a shorter amount of time to draw than full color and generally take around five minutes to create a face. 7 min for full body. 8-10 for color. Hiring multiple artist ensure that all your guests will get a caricature gift. Yes they make great party favors! 

You can also preorder all the wedding caricature drawing from photos you want, if you want something to display at your reception.