Live Theater Tickets

Check back again soon! Tickets are made available 6 weeks in advance to opening night. Too antsy to wait? You can always hire one of our touring shows and stage performers to come and perform art based entertainment and live theater at your next event. You can also search for events in your area on the calendar page. 

Physical Theater Performances

Prepare to be surprised and inspired as we elevate your senses with stories that reveal truths about the human experience. Enter a world of surreal beauty halfway between dreams and reality, and allow us to captivate both your imagination and your heart. 

Shows range from 10 min to 1 ½ hrs.

Children's entertainment

For younger audiences we offer family shows for malls, festivals, birthday party entertainment, book fair, elementary school special assemblies, and library shows. We release up to two new children's theater shows every year. They are themed and incorporate variety entertainment ranging from mime magic and illusion to shadow puppets and interactive live music novelty acts. Our shows can be followed by team building activities and workshops when apart of school assembly programing.